Force cities to integrate cyclists

Re: Province to target law-breaking cyclists, Aug. 30
Province to target law-breaking cyclists, Aug. 30

Transportation Minister Glen Murray definitely talks the talk in the endless cycling saga that has been in the news under an array of names over three decades.

A police crackdown on law-breaking cyclists could improve individual behaviour, but it would not boost pedal power. What would is the introduction of provincial legislation to make it mandatory for municipal governments to install bicycle lanes on existing and new municipal roads to constitute a cohesive and integrated cycling infrastructure.

A transportation system should be an integrated network to achieve sustainable objectives in reducing air and water pollution, the “heat island” effect, congestion, socioeconomic costs of health and traffic accidents.

If Mr. Murray wants to improve social and economic consequences in our car-clogged cities, he should refrain from platitudes and assertively initiate legislation to justify the cooperation with private and government services.

Lela Gary, Air Pollution Coalition, Toronto

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