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In 28 Seconds…

In 28 Seconds…

Strategies To Promote Ground Passenger Transportation

June 2004 To build a cohesive national and regional transportation system, the following strategies should be considered and acted upon collaboratively by the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels of government: Increase fuel tax and transfer revenue to public transit yearly by both the Federal and Provincial governments. Introduce special sales tax for automobiles that are […]

Whom are planners planning for?

Article from GetSmart Sat Jun 25 09:55:08 EDT 2005 Hello all, Re: Municipal Planning and Anticipating the Future I can tell you from my impression of the meeting at Metro Hall, June 23, organized by Toronto City Hall that it was a little project, by little planning, for little(local) streets. And that ain’t planning and […]


Lela Gary, Alex Payne, Allan Brand March 2005 Transportation is a vital component of Canada’s economic prosperity and Canadians’ quality of life, but to ensure success in both, we must strive for sustainability and proportionate balance among all modes of transportation. We define sustainability as the measures and controls taken to manage a system that […]


The Cost of Car on Society Lela Gary, Andrew Fraser February 2006 What hope do we have to make sustainable changes in our infrastructure, let alone make a serious commitment to address climate change, considering that our province is heavily dependent on automobile industry for its economy? Hopeto come to terms with our energy dependence, […]

Transit Oriented Development and Sustainability

June 2006 These two concepts have not been established in Toronto. However, the recently selected design of West 8 & du Troit Allsopp Hillier, urban design and architectural firms, to revitalize the city’s Waterfront, beamed a ray of hope. The emphasis of the design on a human scale environment, may set an example for our […]

Cyclists’ Rights and Responsible Governance

March 2007 Cycling advocates have focused their attention to lobbying the government for individual on-road lanes or staff improvement issues to promote cycling facilities in their City. They have been under the impression that only gradual progress will be possible to achieve in a predominantly motorized society. This practice has been proven futile in the […]

Legislation … for Cycling Safety

Submitted to the Ministry of Transportation, Engineering Dept of Ministry of Transportation, Dr. D. Cass, Office of the Chief Coroner. Changes of this proposal on safety will be:   Drivers, will NOT be allowed to merge into a cycling lane, as it is illegal to cross a Solid line dangerously applied at present, where crossing […]

Toronto’s discriminatory attitude against cycling

June 2006 During the 3rd World Urban Forum in Vancouver, June 19-23, 2006, the Mayor of Bogota, Colombia, talked of what could be done with real (political) will to meet some of the challenges of making cities sustainable. Realizing that expansion of road network in the city is unwarranted, funds were allocated to implementing “car-free” […]

Carfree: Failure by Design