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New vision needed for Queen Street

New vision needed for Queen Street

Beach Metro News, 19 November 2013 Sketch by Jennifer Cline The Beach community is in a bind at present, between OMB’s antiquated antics in favour of inappropriate and ill-judged development proposals and the lack of vision in the municipal government’s representative, who is too busy micromanaging day-to-day affairs to be able to adopt a vision […]

Force cities to integrate cyclists

Re: Province to target law-breaking cyclists, Aug. 30 Province to target law-breaking cyclists, Aug. 30 Transportation Minister Glen Murray definitely talks the talk in the endless cycling saga that has been in the news under an array of names over three decades. A police crackdown on law-breaking cyclists could improve individual behaviour, but it would […]

Separated Bike lane in Toronto

Cycle Transit Integration (CTI)

Legislation for Alternative Transportation

Originally, a letter was submitted to the Toronto Budget Committee, on Cyclists’ Rights and Responsible Governance, 29 March 2007, followed by An application for review for new Acts, law, or regulations to the Provincial government, submitted to the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Mr. Gord Miller, Mr. Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario, and to Mr. Hugh […]

In 28 Seconds…

Cyclists’ Rights and Responsible Governance

March 2007 Cycling advocates have focused their attention to lobbying the government for individual on-road lanes or staff improvement issues to promote cycling facilities in their City. They have been under the impression that only gradual progress will be possible to achieve in a predominantly motorized society. This practice has been proven futile in the […]

Legislation … for Cycling Safety

Submitted to the Ministry of Transportation, Engineering Dept of Ministry of Transportation, Dr. D. Cass, Office of the Chief Coroner. Changes of this proposal on safety will be:   Drivers, will NOT be allowed to merge into a cycling lane, as it is illegal to cross a Solid line dangerously applied at present, where crossing […]

Toronto’s discriminatory attitude against cycling

June 2006 During the 3rd World Urban Forum in Vancouver, June 19-23, 2006, the Mayor of Bogota, Colombia, talked of what could be done with real (political) will to meet some of the challenges of making cities sustainable. Realizing that expansion of road network in the city is unwarranted, funds were allocated to implementing “car-free” […]

A Court Case

Transportation/ Cycling/ A Court Case Bicycling A sustainable mode of transportation. Respected and successfully incorporated in city infrastructures of Europe, bicycling has been a bone of contention in Canadian cities where the car has been considered the pivotal mode of transportation while cycling is looked upon as an unavoidable inconvenience. A Court Case – Introduction […]